Stephan Adelsberger

Dr. Dipl.-Ing.
Stephan Adelsberger

Office: D2.2.048

Research/Teaching Assistant
Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna)


Journal Articles:

Interactive Programming in Agda - Objects and Graphical User Interfaces
Andreas Abel, Stephan Adelsberger, and Anton Setzer. Journal of Functional Programming, 27, 2017. Doi 10.1017/S0956796816000319.
Published Version; Author's copy: .pdf

My publications

  • Stephan Adelsberger, Stefan Hetzl, Florian Pollak: The Caylay-Hamilton Theorem., Archive of Formal Proofs, () 2014 . [BibTex, pdf]
  • Stephan Adelsberger, Stefan Sobernig, Gustaf Neumann: Towards Assessing the Complexity of Object Migration in Dynamic, Feature-oriented Software Product Lines, in: Proceedings of the Eighth International Workshop on Variability Modelling of Software-Intensive Systems, VaMoS, 17:1--17:8, Sophia Antipolis, France, January, 2014 . [BibTex, postscript, pdf]
  • Stefan Sobernig, Gustaf Neumann, Stephan Adelsberger: Supporting Multiple Feature Binding Strategies in NX, in: 4th International Workshop on Feature-Oriented Software Development, Dresden, Germany, September, 2012 . [BibTex, postscript, pdf]