Duration: 2000-2003

Contact Person: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gustaf Neumann

Launched in 2000, the EducaNext initiative was originally initiated by an Information Society Technologies (IST) project called UNIVERSAL, partially funded by the European Union during the Framework Program 5 (FP5).

The goal of the project was to create an innovative, trustable and scalable environment to allow the secure exchange of learning materials over the internet.

Today, EducaNext is a service supporting the creation and sharing of knowledge for Higher Education. It fosters collaboration among educators and researchers, allowing for:

  • the participation in Knowledge Communities,
  • the communication with experts in many fields,
  • the exchange of Learning Resources,
  • the cooperation for the production of Educational Material: Textbooks, lecture notes, case studies, simulations, etc.
  • the delivery of distributed Educational Activities: lectures, courses, workshops, case study discussions, etc.
  • the distribution of electronic content under license.

EducaNext is supported by 26 European leading institutions and companies from 14 different countries, who have created EducaNext's core services and still contribute to the validation and improvement of new releases of the platform.

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